Understanding the Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Rally

At 12:01 AM on Tuesday the US government shutdown. Listen to Labor Lines as we speak with Jo Comerford, Executive Director of the National Priorities Project, an organizaion that clarifies budgetary issues for the general public as she examines the significance of the government shutdown and budgetary brinkmanship.

next, Larry Hirsh from Local 914 AFGE, discusses the reactions of federal employees to no work, no paycheck and uncompleted projects.

In the second half of the program Vic Fusco sounds the alarm for stragglers to comply with the October 3 deadline for registering with the World Trade Center Victims Compensation Fund.

Then reporter, Christiaan Perez, interviews Dr. George Friedman-Jiminez, director of the Occupational Medicine Clinic at Bellevue Hospital about some common occupational disease issues faced by workers, providers and labor organizations. You can hear Labor Lines at 11am on Wednesdays on WWRL 1600 AM throughout New York City or online at www.wwrl1600.com