Drugs in the Workplace -Walmart Workers Mobilizing

Beneath the surface at the typical 9 to 5 job is a persistent problem that rarely gets addressed: substance abuse in the workplace. Some Unions are starting to take a more pro-active approach to avert more serious issues. General Barry McCaffrey, President Clinton’s former drug czar and now a consultant with CRC Health Group, spoke at the recent Teamsters Health and Benefit Expo. He elaborates on the serious repercussions that can result from drug abuse in the workplace both for employers and workers. While it may seem easier to ignore drug abuse, it may make more sense both for the worker and the bottom line to encourage employees to get help. Find out why.
Walmart RespectAlthough many of us might be doing that last minute shopping, Walmart Workers are celebrating black Friday by taking to the streets and demanding fair wages. A series of protests are taking place at Walmart stores across the country to raise awareness and achieve improvements in the treatment of workers. What’s it like to work in Walmart? Patricia Locks, is a Walmart Associate from Seattle. She’s worked at Walmart for 11 years yet still earns below poverty wages. Amy Traub, a Senior Policy Analyst from Demos, discusses a recent report demonstrating how Walmart could give all of its employees a raise without having to raise prices for consumers.
Tony Speelman, Secreaty-Treasuer of UFCW Local 1500 drops by to update us on the stalemate with Stop & Shop. They had a cooling off period through Thanksgiving, but Stop and Shop has to address the worker concerns if it hopes to develop a reasonable contract.

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