Labor Media – Countering the Anti-Labor Bias

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Labor MediaThe Labor movement doesn’t get much of break in the media these days. Fortunately, there are some media voices whose mission is to counter all the anti-labor spin.

Labor Radio

Charles Showalter is the host of the Union Edge, a labor radio show, is based in Pennsylvania that broadcasts daily in over a dozen stations throughout the USA. The Union Edge covers local and national news. Charles frequently reached across the political aisle to help develop a more informed and diverse labor audience.  Charles and Labor-Lines host Vic Fusco interview each other on the status of labor media today.

Digital Labor

Next, we chat with Tom Campbell, Editor and Publisher of Western New York Labor Today, a publication that focuses on labor battles in Western New York and around the country. Both Tom and Charles are at the forefront of labor media and are pushing conventional media to look at all sides in labor disputes rather than merely accepting the employer perspective. Today’s emerging leaders have embraced online communication and WNY Labor has been designed to engage them on the digital platform while the Union Edge helps the labor message reach airwaves around the country.

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