EMT’s and Paramedics in Danger – Secrets of NYS Legislature

EMTs face danger on a daily basis as they rush to save lives, but the most pressing danger they face is NYC’s failure to give them a contract. A powerful former NYS Assemblyman names names and reveals what really happens in the NYS Legislature.

EMT’s and Paramedics in danger

EMT workersLocal 2507’s EMT’s and Paramedics work side-by-side with Firefighters and are responsible for keeping New Yorkers safe, but who is watching out for them? Israel Miranda, President of Local 2507 (DC37) together with his lobbyist Bob Unger, Esq. work hard to ensure that City and State representatives keep EMT workers in mind as the time for a long overdue contract is fast approaching..

Secrets of the Legislature

Winning AlbanyWe are taught that our legislators in Albany go into session, draft bills, vote on them bill and laws are thus made. Not quite! Jerry Kremer a 13-term assemblyman and Chair of Ways & Means describes how business is really done in the halls of Albany.  Now a top lobbyist and noted attorney, Kremer’s newest book “Winning Albany” details the nitty-gritty of lawmaking and the motivations behind political back-stabbing. It’s certainly authoritative – Jerry knows where the bodies are buried.



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