NYS AFLCIO Making NY Work – Mrs. Green not a nice lady!

The New York State AFL-CIO is promoting  a campaign called Making NY Work. The campaign’s objective is to promote sustainable employment in New York State for union and non union workers as well. around. Then, we hear how  a Mrs. Green’s store fired union sympathetic works after their unsuccessful attempt to unionize the store. Bad karma for Mrs. Green’s, the Mt. Kisco community is up in arms and along with UFCW local 1500 is in full support of the workers.

Making NY Work for all New Yorkers

Making NY Work Mario CilentoHearing the anti-union rhetoric in the south and the growing anti-labor media in labor strongholds such as New York , you have to wonder if anything can be done to make labor rights a top priority again.  The New York State AFLCIO has a campaign called “Making New York Work” which seeks to improve working conditions for all worker by promoting sustainable good paying jobs as a key to turning our NY economy around for the long haul. New York State AFLCIO President Mario Cilento to explains why making sure that tax money should used for job creation and urges that recipients of IDA funds, which come from taxpayers, be forced to comply with their promises of creating jobs. And, companies that don’t create good job, or any jobs, should be the beneficiaries of taxpayer largesse.

Community Rallies around Mrs. Green Workers

Aly Wady Mrs. GreenIn January, nine workers at Mrs. Green’s a natural food market in Mt. Kisko were simultaneously fired “poor customer service” in January.  Those nine workers just happened to be key pro-union workers who had unsuccessfully tried to unionize Mrs. Green.  This was obviously employer retaliation, prohibited under the National Labor Relations Act. Fortunately, the community saw right through this ruse and immediately came out to rally for the workers against these anti-labor tactics. Aly Waddy, the Director of Organizing for UFCW local 1500 tells us about the rallies and ever increasing political and public support pressuring Mrs. Green to stop the retaliation as well as the union busting tactics used to defeat the organizing drive. In fact, a number of community members have started a boycott Mrs. Green’s until these issues are resolved.  They’re obviously not intimidated by Mrs. Green’s high priced union busting law firm…yes that one!

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