Unions Save Bankrupt Company – Occupational Asthma

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We reflect on recent major private sector labor battles, from the failed UAW/Volkswagen campaign to NY’s supermarket protests. But,  we also hear how some unions have helped save their companies. Next a doctor talks about work related asthma and steps that can be taken to reduce its impact.

Union Leader perspective on Union’s Role

Durso LI FedOver the past few weeks we have covered labor issues from the UAW’s failed organizing efforts in Tennessee to the struggles car-washeros have had in forming unions. John  R. Durso, President of RWDSU local 338, and of the Long Island Federation of Labor discusses the significance of these recent labor battles to the average worker. In his role as Chair of United Way, Long Island, John discusses how through United Way, labor and businesses work together to address community needs and spur job creation

Preventing Occupational Asthma

Dr. Moline discussing AsthmaAsthma is a major health issue for many Americans, but drawing a connection between the ailment and work exposures can be difficult. Dr. Jacqueline Moline,  Medical Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at North Shore LIJ explains how work conditions can trigger the development of occupational asthma. Dr. Moline suggests steps that will help prevent  workers from developing occupational asthma.

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