Finding Middle Ground in Fracking – Telling NIFA enough!

Fracking is one those polarizing topics that few can discuss without a fight resulting. This week we tackle the daunting task of finding the middle ground in an increasingly polarized debate. Then, we learn how the harsh financial restrictions imposed by NIFA have hit hard on Nassau County employees.

Finding the Middle Ground in Fracking

Fracking Cattell and AvellaAlthough the New York State Senate has avoided debate on the issue whether vertical fracking for natural gas should go forward, sooner, if not later, a  decision will be made.  Opponents and proponents of fracking seem to be solidifying their positions rather than negotiating solutions. Is there a middle ground?  NY State Senator Tony Avella, an opponent of fracking and former Keyspan Chair,  Bob Cattel, a proponent, visit Labor-Lines to discuss the pros and cons of vertical fracking.  Though they disagree as to whether fracking should be permitted in New York State, we were surprised to hear how much they can actually agree to. If only all the protagonists would sit down and have an intelligent discussion without ideology or emotionalism,  as these two distinguished leaders do on our program.

Hey NIFA “No More! Enough is enough!

Jimmy Carver NIFAWorkers in Nassau County have been living under the thumb of Nassau County Interim Finance Authority for 13 years, including three years under a wage freeze. This past week those workers held several demonstrations to leave no doubt with the NIFA Board that they have had enough! Jimmy Carver, President of the Nassau County Police Benevolent Association describes how NIFA’s austerity measures have been damaging for everyone who lives in Nassau. He charges that the wage freeze was political in nature, as prior to Ed Mangano’s administration the same NIFA Board never imposed a wage freeze. He hopes under the leadership of Mr. Kaiman, who “gets it,” better times will ensue for county employees. We can only hope.

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