Right to Strike – Power Struggle

In labor disputes it occasionally becomes necessary for workers take to the streets and strike. But, many federal, state and local rules control how a strike is to be conducted. If it’s not done right, it can actually prove detrimental. Robert Schwartz, Esq., answers the basic questions regarding your right to strike. Then, representatives from coalition of labor and community groups explain why they are fighting to keep a Canadian electrical power transmission cable out of New York.

Right to Strike

Bob Shwartz Right to StrikeWith the increasing attacks on labor there may be more frequent occasions for workers to strike. Robert Schwartz a prominent labor lawyer is the author of several handy booklets that explain the basics of what workers and union leaders need to know before and during a strike.  Knowing where to march, what to bring to a rally and how to walk a picket line while staying on the good side of the police, are some of the items discussed as we understand a worker’s right to strike.  Rob debunks many of the fears some workers have in participating in strikes, pickets and rallies.

Power Struggle

Susan Filgueras CHPEThe Champlain Hudson Power Express or “CHPE” not only has the potential of despoiling our environment but will likely marginalize New York workers. Proponents hope New Yorkers will look the other way while this extension cord to Canada is built.  A coalition of labor and community members is traveling around New York to make sure that all New Yorkers know how devastating this project is and how it will impact them. Steven Ludwigson,  business manager for Boilermakers Local 5, explains how good jobs in NY power plants will be outsourced if this project goes forward. Susan Filgueras a Rockland County community activist with expertise in issues relating to the environment, historical sites, job creation and municipal taxation discusses how the community will be directly impacted by damaging local businesses and severely cutting the tax base.

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