Tackling Degraded Work

Degraded Work

Degraded WorkWhat is Degraded Work? It’s the breaking down of tasks into the most basic components so that the work becomes intrinsically devoid of skill, intellectual challenge, decent pay or loyalty between the employer and the employee. University of Illinois Professor Marc Doussard breaks down the housing construction and retail industries as two, among many such examples in his book Degraded Work. He argues that jobs which were at one time skilled professions have now become little more than part time jobs at the lowest rung of the economic ladder.

Retail Action Project

Retail Action ProjectDegraded work is not only evident in a small paycheck. It is also evident in the erratic rationing of hours so that workers cannot even take care of basic subsistence. When retail clerks have no idea from week to week how many hours they can expect to work, they cannot pay their bills or even take care of subsistence needs. Listening to these young salesclerks you can’t help but think they would be better on welfare. But Onieka and Akaisia O’Keefe, two retail workers, wouldn’t even think of it. They want to make their own way. If we want to keep people off welfare and motivated to remain in the job market then perhaps going to work should be more rewarding than going on the dole. Darrah Sipe a Communications Director for the Retail Action Project (RAP) talks about legislation RAP is proposing legislation that takes some baby steps toward achieving this goal.

Long Island’s Bravest Need YOU!

Suffolk Volunteer Fire DepartmentRyan Mulrooney and Mike Finkel of the Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Agency discuss how volunteer emergency services are coordinated in Suffolk County. Predominantly a volunteer force made up of everyday working people, periodic recruitment efforts and inter-county coordination have managed to strengthen the ranks and actually shorten the average response time considerably over the last five years. Moreover the fact that these services are performed by volunteers has been estimated to save Suffolk County residents about 20% in their tax bills. Learn why you might consider joining the volunteer force where you live.

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