Ending Nassau Austerity – United Steelworkers Fights for Global Workers

Jerry Laricchiuta, President CSEA Nassau Local 830 on getting NIFA to approve the wage deal reached with the county, how many more hurdles? Then Dan Kovalik, Author and Sr. Attorney with the United Steelworkers: Adjunct Professors at Big Bucks Colleges Pulling down subsistence wages, and the plight of the worker in Columbia. If you like death squads you’ll adore being a labor leader in our number one ally in South America.

Ending Nassau Austerity

Jerry laricchiuta Nassau County government employees’ have been under a wage freeze  for the past three years. Jerry Laricchiuta, President of CSEA Nassau Local 830 discusses the efforts by Nassau County public service unions to end the standoff. While an agreement has been reached,  it must still overcome some major hurdles to be effectuated. Jerry explains how coalition of public sector unions worked to make deal happen and what else needs to be done to make sure it goes forward.

United Steelworkers advocating for Global Labor Rights

Dan Kovalik United SteelworkersDan Kovalik, the Senior General Counsel for the United Steelworkers updates us about efforts to organize underpaid adjunct professors. Then he tells us about the horrid labor rights violations that are taking place in Colombia. Colombia has a free trade agreement with the United States and is the third largest recipient of US military aid, yet, despite lip service to the contrary , has some of the most brutal working conditions. Dan goes into detail about these conditions and shines a light on how workers in the US are helping to improve global labor standards.

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