Access to Occupational Medicine. Organizing in Mississippi

North Shore-LIJ hires top docs and commits resources to help Long Island workers deal with Occupational Diseases. Organizing in Mississippi is not for the faint of heart. Southern auto workers are fighting stiff resistance to their efforts to organize a union at the Nissan Factory in Canton, Mississippi.

Access to Occupational Medicine

Dr. Jacqueline Moline North Shore LIJWhen Stony Brook Hospital decided to jettison the State-funded Occupational Medicine Clinic, Worker Advocates were outraged. Into the breach came North Shore-LIJ with not only a promise to reassemble the pieces, but a commitment to building a Center Of Excellence in the abstruse fields of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Jacqueline Moline, a nationally known Specialist in Occupational Medicine came aboard and assembled a team of doctors and health care specialists that is, by all accounts, second to none in this specialized area. It’s an area that most doctors don’t want to deal with and know little about, so the re-establishment of a State-supported Occupational Health Clinic not only benefits patients, it benefits Long Island physicians who frequently seek out specialists to whom to refer their patients with possible work related diseases, the sources  of which are usually difficult to pinpoint. Learn about occupational diseases, and what’s available to Long Island’s workforce.

Organizing in Mississippi

Organizing in MississippiSouthern workers see their efforts to organize in “right-to-work” states as another extension of the civil rights struggle. Workers are seeking support of union brothers and sisters from Northern States, reminiscent of the solidarity with the freedom-riders struggles fifty years ago.  After leafleting at the Javits Center Auto Show, Nissan workers joined with northern counterparts at a press conference on the steps of New York City Hall. Labor-Lines reporter, Chris Perez, spoke with several workers who are trying to unionize a Nissan factory in Mississippi. Then, Julie Kushner, Director of UAW Region 9A discusses the increasing role of UAW locals from northern states in helping to promote worker rights in the South and the UAW’s efforts at organizing in Mississippi

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