Now Showing: Workers Unite Film Festival – Defending the Scaffold Law

For over a hundred years, New York State’s “scaffold law” has protected countless workers from workplace negligence. Now the very same employers who have been cutting corners on workers safety are trying to cut out the Scaffold Law. Tune in to find out why this is dangerous for all working people as we demystify the hyperbole being bandied about to undermine the Scaffold Law. Labor rarely gets a chance for exposure in the media, especially in the movies. The Workers Unite Film Festival is bringing labor’s message to the big screen,  highlighting the commonalities in the lives of working people throughout the world.

Defending the Scaffold Law

Joe Bavaro Scaffold LawNew York State’s “ Scaffold Law”  has played a crucial role in keeping workers safe and holding unscrupulous employers accountable for over a century.  If unscrupulous employers have their way, this will not be the case for long. Joe Bavaro, a trial attorney who represents many workers seriously injured as a result of employer negligence or misfeasance, explains what the law has done to protect workers. Bavaro enumerates how most of the arguments being used to negate the Scaffold Law are misleading. Some are factually incorrect. Many are just plain false.

Now Showing on the Workers Unite Film Festival

Workers Unite Film FestivalIt is not very often we get to see working people accurately portrayed  on the big screen.  Fortunately from May 9th until 19th the best of  labor cinema can be viewed daily New York City thanks to the Workers Unite Film Festival. Andrew Tilson, the Executive Director and founder of the Workers Unite Film Festival,  along with Cathy Koutsavlis, executive assistant for special projects, explains  the painstaking process of selecting fifty films that best explore various aspects working class life for this festival.  Julian Pimiento, a 32B-J doorman, also wrote and acted in “Grace,” one of the films selected. Pimento describes how he was inspired to  tell his story and suggests  it is important for workers to develop films to tell their stories.

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