Labor’s Newspaper: “The Chief” – Responsible Development in NY

Part 1) Rich Steier, the editor of the Chief, recaps some major labor battles in New York as we discuss the challenges and idiosyncrasies of “labor reporting.”  Part 2) New construction projects can be found everywhere throughout New York City. But, is this construction truly benefiting workers and the surrounding neighborhood? “Build-Up NYC” is a union led campaign coordinating workers and local community groups to ensure that all construction lead to responsible development and good jobs.

Labor’s newspaper, “TheChief” shoots straight

Richard Steier from The ChiefFor in depth weekly reporting on New York’s public sector unions, union leaders and public officials rely upon “The Chief” edited by Richard Steier, a veteran “pull-no-punches” journalist.” Whether reporting on the latest contract agreements; smacking back the latest attempts to bash unions or holding political figures and union leadership accountable, the Chief is at the front lines of labor reporting. We are delighted to have Rich Steier as a guest this week on our New York City edition of Labor-Lines. If you read the Chief you know Steier does not mince words, and true to form,  he does not hold anything back in our conversation. If you don’t read the Chief, you’ll find out why you should. Also, Steier “fans” will learn about his new book covering his take on many historical union battles and labor figures.

Responsible Development in NY

Responsible Develpment in NYConstruction for the sake of development is not necessarily responsible development. We learn about a campaign that’s leading the charge to encourage responsible development in Brooklyn. It’s called “Build Up NYC.” Lenore Friedlander, the Executive Director, and Davie Ramsey, a Navy Veteran, and union painter by trade explain what the term “responsible development” means. They discuss how the community can organize to ensure that development benefits all workers and the locality where the construction is taking place. Ramsey, champions the “Scaffold Law,”  giving insight into the dangers of construction work and the ease with which contractors can put workers at risk by “cutting corners, ” despite all the laws on the books.

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