Joel Shufro, 34 years of achievement at NYCOSH – How Class Works

Joel Shufro has played an integral part in guiding the growth NYCOSH. He recently passed the reins of NYCOSH to a new executive director. We recap the crucial role he has played for the last 34 years in building the organization.
In the second half of the program, Stony Brook’s Professor Michael Zweig tells us about an upcoming June conference: “How Class Works,” that explores the nuances of class, race and other factors through presentations by labor leaders, students and educators from around the world.

Recapping Joel Shufro’s 34 Years at NYCOSH

Joel ShufroAt one time, occupational safety programs were not well-coordinated among New York’s local unions. There was widespread concern among labor leaders that too many workers were injured or became sick, in part, because of this lack of coordination and sharing of “intelligence.” So, New York’s unions did what unions do best. They organized! Thus was formed the NY Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, a/k/a “NYCOSH.” For the last 34 years, Joel Shufro played a crucial role as its Executive Director. We took advantage of Joel’s recent retirement to hear from the man himself about the history of NYCOSH and the role it has played in improving occupational safety. Ever the humble person, Joel avers that NYCOSH’s accomplishments were a result of working with strong labor allies and injured workers. Perhaps, but we think none of this could ever have been accomplished without the strong leadership of Joel. By the way, he’s being honored at NYCOSH’s annual reception on June 12th. Try to be there. For information click here

How Class Works

How Class WorksThe Working Class has been taking a beating by the 1%. No doubt, this is largely because the working is difficult to coalesce because it is so diverse. Mike Zweig is a Professor of Economics and the director of “Center for the Study of Working Class Life” at Stony Brook University. Once again, he has arranged the bi-annual conference entitled “How Class Works.” which explores a wide range of issues such as race and religion as well as class. A frequent guest on Labor-Lines, Mike argues that it’s important for the working community to understand the diversity of the working class, and the other issues which intersect, allowing the 1% to get the leg up. A full report about how the conference went can be found here

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