Educating Future Female Labor Leaders – Minority Workers in Unsafe Workplaces

Part 1. Professor Lillian Clayman Director of 2014  39th Northeast Regional Summer School for Union Women describes the upcoming course of studies  and additional activities.

Part 2: Amy Carroll, Esq. of the Center for Popular Democracy describes how the proposed watering down of the NYS Scaffold Law would disproportionately impact nonunion, immigrant and minority construction workers the most.  Their injury and death rate is already triple that of union workers.

Educating Female Labor Leaders

Lillian ClaymanWomen are increasingly taking leadership roles in the workforce and communities around the United States, and it only follows that they are also becoming more involved in their unions, as shop-stewards, executive board members and union officials. Professor Lillian Clayman, herself the former Mayor of Hamden, CT, and a long time labor activist, is the Director of the39th  Northeast Regional Summer School for Union Women.  We discuss how this initiative  trains women to take leadership roles in all aspects of their unions, and  develops strong union leaders. This is a full week residential program, running from July 26th to July 31, 2014 at New York City’s own Queens College this year

Minority Workers in unsafe workplaces

Amy Carrol re Unsafe WorkplacesAn increasing number of workers have been compelled to work in unsafe workplaces   because they do not have the freedom to demand adequate working conditions. Many of them work with contractors who show little –or no- regard for their safety. Amy Carroll is the director of the Center for Popular Democracy and helped develop a report called Fatal Inequality that shows how dangerous construction work can be for minority workers.  She  strongly defends  New York’s Scaffold Law as a tool to protect all workers involved in hazardous construction work

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