Employment Law 101 – Reforming 911 Service

The debate over better wages and  pay equality pay takes place in the legislature, in the papers and on the picket lines.  However, the battle to protect gains in work standards takes place in the courts. We get an update from Employment Law Attorney. Next, we hear from NYC Council Member Elizabeth Crowley about her ongoing crusade to reform the 9-1-1 emergency call taking system.

Employment Law 101

Bob Lipman Employment LawWhile the legislative battle for better work standards rages in the public, attorneys and judges are often locked in litigation to define the parameters under  existing employment law for employees as well as employers. Bob Lipman, is a Founding Partner of Lipman and Plesur, a highly regarded employment law firm. He  has litigated all types of employment law cases. He’s helped workers prevail in wage discrimination cases and defended employers from gender discrimination charges. This week’s program is sure to whet your appetite. If you have any questions about employment law for follow up segments tweet us @LaborLines or email us at laborlines(at)gmail.com

Reforming 9-1-1 Service

Council Member CrowleyMillions of dollars have been invested in New York City’s Uniform Call Taking (UCT) system, designed during the Bloomberg Administration. It’s been an unmitigated disaster. 9-1-1 phone operators as well as emergency responders have repeatedly complained of the difficulties and delays plaguing the system. Even the new administration has yet to take the bull by the horns to scrap this abomination. City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley says enough is enough. She advocates a complete freeze of the UCT while it is “under review.”  Ms. Crowley charges the current system puts many New Yorkers at risk and explains why this system needs a complete overhaul. She suggests commonsense ways in which to do exactly that.

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