Fathers Day Show

Burdens of a Creditocracy

Andrew Ross re CreditocracyWhen your father laments that he is tapped out, he is not kidding. Your Dad is tapped out, just like your local government and your state government and you, because the banks, according to NYU Professor, Andrew Ross, have a noose around our collective necks. Andy, the author of “Creditocracy,” urges debt resistance. That’s right, he says don’t pay them. Debt resistance is not unprecedented in American history, or world history.  You’ll find Andy’s views thought provoking and when you’re done, go tear-up you father’s credit card bills, the medical bills and so forth.  Tell Dad there is no need to worry. Buy him a copy of Andy’s book for father’s day, so he can appreciate debt resistance.

What’s a Fathers Day Show without a Father and Son?

Fathers Day w/Sasha and Jon Reuther The Reuther Brothers were and are one of the most iconic labor families in American History. Our guest John Reuther is the son Victor Reuther, the longest living brother of the three. We learn how the young Reuther brothers had to go to Russia to find work after being closed out of American factories. In later years Victor served as a labor representative for CIO in Paris, and it was there young John got his taste for international relations. He never did go into the family business – running a labor union, instead his fortunes led him to become and international land developer specializing in Russian real estate. Sasha, John’s son and Victor’s grandson ultimately became filmmaker and the writer, producer and director of a documentary about the Reuther brothers, entitled “Brothers on the Line.”  John is in the film. We aired their interview on Fathers Day as they reminisce about Victor Reuther (a father and grandfather) and the impact he had on their lives – and ours!

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