Celebrating Independence Day with US Military Reserves and Veterans


United States security has been in large part attributable to the hard work and sacrifices of the US Armed services. For Independence Day weekend, we focus on proposals to cut the pay of US Military Reserves in half with US Marine Corps Reserve Major General Andrew Davis.   Next we look at legal challenges veterans face when they return home with US Army Reserve Colonel Gary Port, Esq.   Port has played a role in ongoing legal clinics for veterans along with Steven Lee, a Hofstra University Law Student who also joins us

Looming cuts to US Military Reserve salary

General Andrew Davis U.S. Military ReservesEfforts to get the budget in order have resulted in severe cuts to many federal and state programs. Now legislators may be putting the US salary of our military reserve forces on the chopping block as well. US Marine Corps Major General Andrew Davis from Reserve Officers Association acknowledges that the military needs to tighten its belt, but argues that it is penny wise and dollar foolish to reduce the pay of our military reserves, the bulwark of our national defense. General Davis explains the critical role that the US Military Reserves play in keeping the United States safe. The proposed cuts would make it significantly more difficult to incentivize reserve members to remain in the military and would markedly impact the USA’s military preparedness.

Legal Challenges for Veterans

Gary PortMembers of the US Armed Forces face countless challenges while serving our country. From struggling through boot camp to serving on the front lines, they learn to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately the challenges do not cease when soldiers leave active duty. US Army Reserve Colonel Gary Port Esq., an attorney who focuses on veterans issues, discusses impediments that make it difficult for many veterans to adapt to civilian life. Many vets need help to transfer their extensive military work experience into civilian work skills. Others face overwhelming legal complications, such as divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, disability and more. Hofstra University, with the assistance of Colonel Port and Hofstra Law Students such as  Steven Lee is Hofstra Law J.D. Candidate, have set up  a number of legal clinics for veterans, where they may avail themselves of a wide range of legal consultations provided pro-bono by members of the bar.

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