Healthcare Update – Labor Rights are Civil Rights – Union Womens’ Summer School

The first phase of the affordable care act, a/k/a Obamacre, has come and gone. This fall, enter stage two. Dan Persons, formerly of Local 1451 (DC 37) and Rueben Quintero join us to talk discuss the intricacies and interlationships of Medicare, Obamacare and explain what the approaching deadlines mean for the average worker. Next, Chris Perez examines “Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right” a book which offers a unique solution to the anti-union discrimination that has become so prevalent in the United States. Finally, several aspiring union women labor broadcasters interviewed each other about training female leaders in the union movement.

Healthcare Update

Dan Persons and VicAfter a bumpy start, the Affordable Care Act is likely here to stay. Now comes the challenge for consumers to determine which plan works best for them. Balancing one’s treatment needs against one’s ability to pay is a herculean task for many. To help unravel the complexities we talk to Dan Persons, formerly of Local 1451 (DC 37) and now an ACA insurance consultant who helps workers find the right plan. Also with us is Rueben Quintero, a consultant who focused on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans. Learn about important deadlines pertaining to  New York State Healthcare options and Medicare and how you may be affected.

Union Womens’ Summer School

Radio Waves Class at UALE North East Union Womens' Summer SchoolThe United Association for Labor Education in conjunction with various institutions of higher learning such as CUNY sponsors an annual Northeast Summer School for Union Women. The week long residential program was held at Queens College this past July. Sara Fusco, Executive Producer of Labor Lines, again taught her popular class on communications, in which union women hone their skills at interviewing and being interviewed in the media. We have selected several of the interviews to showcase how well upcoming female labor leaders are applying their skills.

Labor Rights are Civil Rights

Labor Rights are Civil RightsIncreasing income inequality is a vexing issue these days. What steps can be taken to ameliorate it.  Richard Kahlenberg is the co-author of a book entitled “ Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right” . Christiaan Perez, Labor-Lines Assistant Producer and Field Reporter interviewed  Kahlenberg at The Century Foundation in their Washington, D.C. office . Kahlenberg discussed the interrelationship between Civil Rights and Labor Rights, highlighting how and why the two should combine forces to combat income inequality.

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