Middle Class Action Project – Meeting Haber, NY Senate candidate

Our first guest is Robert Holst, IBEW 3 member and co-founder of the Middle Class Action Project or MCAP which lobbies on behalf of working and advocates for an economy that strengthens the middle class. Then, we’ll speak with Adam Haber, a successful business owner running for New York State Senate.

Middle Class Action Project

Robert Holst Middle Class Action ProjectRobert Holst is a member of IBEW local 3 and one of the co-founders of the Middle Class Action Project or MCAP. Holst tells us how the Middle Class Action Project is working across the political lines to strengthen the middle class and make sure that the economy works for everyone. He discusses some of the key campaign issues of MCAP such as encouraging everyone to buy American.
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Adam Haber, NY Senate Candidate

Adam HaberDemocratic candidate for New York State Senate Adam Haber, is a successful  entrepreneur.  After making his fortune on Wall Street, he established and continues to operate several multiple restaurants. He hopes to use his skills to develop the Long Island economy.   Haber also explains why a successful business will respect its workers and argues that even a  20% tip is still too little for restaurant workers. Note: We will be extending an invitation to his opponent Senator Jack Martin to come on the show and talk about his perspective on Long Island’s future and/or to debate Adam Haber.
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