Labor Leadership Education – Working Towards a Diverse Workforce

Today’s labor leaders face new challenges daily. To keep labor issues on the forefront, every labor leader should be well- armed with the necessary tools to develop strong labor campaigns. Gene Carroll, co-director of the NY State AFLCIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute addressed how Cornell programs have been honing the skills that every labor leader needs. Jon Lentz, the Albany Bureau chief for “City and State” discusses programs designed to encourage women and minority entrepreneurs

Labor Leadership Education

Labor Leadership Education Gene CarollWhen it comes to the battle for worker rights and thwarting the efforts of special interests to exploit workers, it is important to keep adapting to new tactics. Gene Carroll has administered number of labor education programs at Cornell’s New York City facility and has been a teacher of labor history among other topics. Graduates of these programs include the majority of New York’s significant labor leaders. Carroll talks about everything from the importance of labor history to the important issues that the labor movement needs to overcome today, and how Cornell’s leadership courses equip labor leaders to deal with them.

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Working Towards a Diverse Workforce

Jon Lentz City and State DiversityMinorities and Women make up a large amount of the workforce but so far their make up a very small percentage of those who own businesses. “City And State” arranged a conference on Entreprenurial Diversity, focusing on women and minority owned businesses. John Lentz, Albany Editor, discloses   key issues brought up during this conference.

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