Republican Tsunami! Election Results Alarm Labor Leaders

2014 Elections John Durso local 338Many observers on the right and on the left expected it to be a “Republican Year.” But even Republicans were surprised at how well they did at the polls. This may have been a vote of no-confidence in the President, but will it come to bite back the voters who turned out a pro worker Senate?

Long Island’s Labor Leaders Provide Perspectives on Election

Roger Clayman re Midterm ElectionRoger Clayman is the Executive Director of the Long Island Federation of Labor, John R. Durso, President of RWDSU serves as the President of the Federation as well. They each independently discuss their concerns and observations over the election results. Admittedly labor took a “drubbing.” The people have spoken! We explore ways in which local labor leaders intend to deal with new Republican majorities in the U.S. Senate as well as the New York State Senate, and learn about labor’s relationships with newly elected officials, many of whom did not get labor’s endorsement. We discuss the surprises and upsets and how labor leaders are reacting to them. Labor has to pick itself up, dust itself off , lick its wounds and get back in the ring. Another election is only two years away and it will be a “biggie.”

Labor picks itself up after the #Midterm2014 to keep fighting for worker issues and prep for 2016 election Tweet this

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