Save NYC Horse Carriages – Writers Guild fights back

Politics is a world of “you scratch my back and I scratch your back”, but Mayor De Blasio’s attempt to eliminate the horse drawn carriages in Central park may be “one scratch” too many. This week we talk to Christina Hansen, a horse carriage driver and member of the teamsters, about the campaign to save the horses in central park. She was joined by our allies in labor media Marc Bussanich and Joe Maniscalco, from Labor Press, who shed light on the backroom deals that instigated the campaign to eliminate the horse drawn carriages and the jobs of 300 drivers. Next, we learn about  issues affecting the Writers Guild of America East. These are the writers who write many of the comedy and reality shows that you see on TV. Their Executive Director Lowell Peterson and Organizing Director Justin Molito discuss their difficulties about a British TV production studio that is trying to take advantage of the American writers.

Save NYC Horse Carriages

Save NYC Horse CarriagesHorse drawn carriages have been an essential attraction at Central Park since the park first opened. Now those  horse drawn carriages are facing the threat of elimination because of a back room deal that was made during the mayoral primary. Christina Hansen, a teamster and veteran carriage driver, describes the work of  the driver and  the never ending propaganda battle against the trade  from animal rights activists. Marc Bussanich and Joe Maniscalco, reporters from Labor Press, tell us about the attention they are focusing on   the back room deal that made eliminating the horse drawn carriage industry a top issue for Mayor De Blasio’s administration.  Yes, another a prime example of the influence in money in politics.  We learn more about the campaign to #SaveNYCHorseCarriages and the 300 middle class jobs that the industry maintains.  The drivers are members of the Teamsters and Joint Council 16, composed of all the local Teamster unions intends to wage war, if they must, to save these jobs. Surveys show about 80% of New Yorkers oppose  Mayor DeBlasio’s position on this issue.  Our take is that this boneheaded political payback maneuver may be a key factor in costing the Mayor the next election.  This is about as dumb a political stunt as the school speed camera debacle in Nassau

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The Writers’ Guild fights back

Writers Guild of America EastFrom the Daily Show to the X factor, behind every great TV show there is a team of great writers. Much of the production emanates from New York and Los Angeles, two “union towns.” Script writers in those towns have a union too: “The Writer’s Guild.” Unfortunately ITV, a British TV Production Company, does not seem to understand the true value of union writers. ITV has been trying to invoke American laws such as the Affordable Care Act and limited labor protections and the usual anti-union tactics to attempt to cut back on union members’ benefits and wages. Lowell Peterson, Executive Director of the Writers’ Guild of America East and Justin Molito, the Organizing Director, state that initiatives to cut back on union benefits is happening at the same time as the immensely profitable ITV is attempting to expand its presence in the United States. They describe benefits that the Writers Guild offers for all of its members, such as courses to prepare them for the digital world as well as networking opportunities for members. Are you sitting down? Guess what! So called “reality shows,” are scripted. At least they’re scripted by union members!

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