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In September, throngs crowded the streets of New York City and marched to Time Square where they challenged world leaders to address climate change with action rather than words. On December 15th, labor and community groups convened to release a report  detailing steps New Yorkers  should initiate to address the challenges presented by climate change. Labor-Lines guests Matt Ryan, Executive Director of Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN) and Reverend Brian Ellis-Gibbs, of the Queens Baptist Church in Queens Village describe this comprehensive report and the ten recommended steps that labor, community and government, together, can  take to ameliorate some of the effects of climate change.  Next, from “Working America,” three staffers describe the organization’s campaign to help working people sign up for health insurance on state and federal exchanges . Working America’s objective is to insure that every American has access to health  insurance . Alex Pavlakis, Field director for Working America and Emeliem Ogbolu, Healthcare Outreach Associate, focus on how they are organizing in New York City. Cory Medina, the North East Regional Director, explains how the organizing efforts differ from state to state, and enumerates some of the other project Working America has originated.

A Working America’s Health Insurance

Working America Health InsuranceThere are now more people with some form of healthcare insurance than ever before, but the push for registration is not really over until everyone has signed up. Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has transitioned its focus from the 2014 elections to a campaign to ensure that every American understands and signs up for the some form of health insurance. Alex Pavlakis, NYC Field Director for Working America, and Emeliem Ogbolu, Healthcare Outreach Associate, describe their efforts to register more people in the the New York State run exchange. Cory Medina, the North East Regional Director, explains the impetus behind the nationwide drive to register people through the state and federal exchanges and describes how the campaigns differ by state. If you do not have healthcare insurance and do not belong to a union, listen and learn how Working America’s health coverage campaign helps people obtain better coverage. Consider it our Christmas gift to you!

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A Ten-Step Climate Solution

Climate and Labor Fight Climate ChangeOn December 15th a report was released detailing ten steps that can be taken to both address climate change and create good jobs. This report was released during the Climate Works forum which was heavily attended by Unions, community groups and concerned citizens. Matt Ryan, Executive Director of ALIGN (Alliance for a Greater New York), emphasized the importance of labor and community organizations working together to address climate change. Reverend Brian Ellis-Gibbs, Pastor of the Queens Baptist Church, has engaged his congregation in the climate change discussions, and adds a theological framework to the discussion.  They both tie in some practical examples how the ten point plan can benefit all New Yorkers. From solar panels on church roof-tops to the prevention gas-leak explosions, safety and health issues are closely tied into with climate change considerations.

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