The Seven Economic Lies – Coping with the High Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare and the Economy have been the major political themes of 2014. In final of 2014 we discuss both. Former New York Times columnist Jeff Madrick is the author of Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists have Damaged America and The World. He tells us about widely accepted “bad ideas” that continue to be “rule of thumb” for many economists and argues these dangerous to our economic security. Then, we explore a program called Benefits-USA that has the potential to help everyone improve their existing healthcare plan. Lee Gerber and Jerry Turney of Benefits-USA elaborate on two innovative programs that help with the cost of prescription medicine to 24/7  accessibility to physicians.

Seven Deadly  Economic Lies

Jeff Madrick Seven Economic LiesNot much has changed since the financial collapse in 2007. According to our guest  and this is largely because the conventional wisdom of mainstream economists has not been challenged. In an effort to restart the conversation about the economy, Jeff Madrick wrote “Seven Bad Ideas.” He asserts that these Seven Bad Ideas that continue to guide mainstream economists’ views of the world, such as the “Invisible Hand,” or the notion that government never gets anything done efficiently. Madrick is also the director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Government Imitative at the Century Foundation where he encourages people to reevaluate the role government plays in society.

Economists make same mistakes over and over because many of them ignore the seven bad economic ideas Tweet this

Coping with the High Cost of Healthcare Coverage

Lee Gerber Benefits USAThe goal Affordable Care Act was to ensure affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans. The pundits may forever debate whether this was a step forward or backward. We invited Lee Gerber and Jerry Turney from Benefit-USA on to describe some solutions that will improve and enhance existing healthcare. They describe two plans, one makes 24/7 access to board certified physicians affordable.  A second plan makes prescription drug coverage more affordable by enhancing what your plan covers. With insurers expected to be dropping many drugs from their formularies, this plan can be a lifesaver. It’s well worth listening to.

The Affordable Care Act mandated that everyone needs healthcare and now companies need to find a way to make it affordable Tweet this

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