Public Employees Fight to Protect Union Job Titles – Long Island Jobs with Justice Update

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Governor Cuomo recently announced an attempt to eliminate 2,500 workers from the protection of Public Employee Federation by reclassifying their job titles to non-union positions. Needless to say, neither the workers, nor their union, are rather unhappy.    Guests, Susan Kent, President of the Public Employee Federation and Connie Batts, the Long Island Regional Coordinator, tell us how PEF is handling the issue. Next, Anita Halasz, who just celebrated her first year on the job as Executive Director of Long Island Jobs with Justice, recaps organizations the major campaigns for 2014 plans for 2015.

Public Employees Fight to Protect Union Job Titles

Public Employee FederationMany unions have been targeted by anti-labor policies but when those policy decisions come from a supposed friend of labor, that’s when the attack is especially painful.   Governor Andrew Cuomo’s is attempting to reclassify 2,500 members of the Public Employee Federation as managerial which would  eliminate their ability to be members of the union. The Public Employee Federation represents roughly 54,000 NYS workers.  Guests,  Susan Kent, President of the Public Employee Federation and Connie Batts, Long Island Regional Coordinator, describe the unions strategy to fighting attempted reclassification. This battle all takes place as the Public Employee Federation gears up for contract negotiations in March, and the Union elections are on the horizon. Oh, the union endorsed the Governor’s challenger in the NYS Democratic Gubernatorial primary. Think maybe there’s a connection……hmmmm!

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Long Island Jobs with Justice Update

Long Island Jobs with JusticeLong Island Jobs with Justice has worked with unions and community groups to ensure that all workers have a decent standard of living. Projects including the Bus Riders Union’s “Rate the Ride’ to the Our Walmart campaign, have kept Long Island Jobs with Justice quite busy in 2014. Activist, Anita Halasz, recently celebrated her first year as Executive Director of Long Island Jobs with Justice.  In this week’s program she recaps all of the organization’s 2014 campaigns and discusses their significance to the Long Island, New York and national economy and social order.

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