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This week we focus on Staten Island. Although the conventional wisdom is that Staten Island goes against the grain of New York City politics, it has been a stronghold of suburban organizing in New York City. Robert Holst, is a member of IBEW local 3 and one of the founders of the Middle Class Action Project, he’s a knowledgeable spokesperson about labor issues and has been a guest on our program many times. Now, he is asking for support to convince the Staten Island Democratic leader to select him to run in the special election to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Michael Grimm. Next, Steve Lawton, President of Staten island based CWA Local 1102, and two shop stewards join us discuss  the challenges CWA local 1102 faces in contract negotiations with EZ- Pass.

Staten Island Labor’s Voice in Congress

Robert Holst MCAP Staten IslandWe frequently decry the fact that there is not enough of a Labor voice in politics .The recent  opening  of a seat in Staten Island may be a prime opportunity chip away at that trend. Robert Holst, member of IBEW local 3 and co-founder of the Middle Class Action Project (MCAP), and long-time friend of our program, may well be the labor organizer we need in Congress.  He’s a pro middle class activist. He’s a well-educated blue collar union member who “gets it.” Learn why Robert Holst wants to run for the open congressional seat on Staten Island as he defines important issues on which all Americans should agree. We’ll  everything from the minimum wage to pushing for American made products This Congressional election on Staten Island will be decided in a Special Election so we also discuss the challenges of winning in an “off year” election in a district that could swing either way. You can find out more about his campaign on his facebook page here

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Easy Pass Passes on Worker Rights

CWA local 1102 Staten IslandSteve Lawton is the relatively new President of CWA Local 1102, based on Staten Island. This union organized workers at the Staten Island EZ-Pass facility (now owned by Xerox)  a number of years ago. However, during contract negotiations, the company has been dragging its feet about giving the workers fair and decent  working standards. Lawton, originally did not want to talk about contract negotiations on the air but after hitting too many roadblocks, he decided to enlist the public’s support to counter the company’s steam roller tactics. We invited him on our program along with Gina Magarino and Valerie Valentine, two shop stewards, to describe current working conditions, the progress of the negotiations thus far and explain what the union has been doing to find an equitable solution.

Workers for EZ-Pass are facing a challenging contract negotiation and @cwa1102 fills us in on why Tweet this

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