Bettering Education in New York – Business Models for Progressives and Conservatives

Two issues on the front burner for New Yorkers are quality education and good business standards.  We discuss those issues, this week, on Labor-Lines.  First, Paul Pecorale, Vice President for the New York State United Teachers, and Christine Vasilev of the Port Washington Teachers Association, discuss NYSUT’s campaign to curtail Governor Cuomo’s so-called education reforms.  Next, meet Mike Vitoria, a successful investment advisor and venture capitalist, and die-hard Republican, who castigates low wage employers for being unpatriotic and deleterious to our national economy.

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Bettering Education in New York

NYSUT Bettering Education in New YorkGovernor Cuomo has run an aggressive campaign for education “reform” in New York seemingly blaming teachers for all that’s wrong in our schools.  New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) argues that Cuomo’s agenda does nothing more than cripple our schools, meddle with education in New York, demoralize students and teachers and holds taxpayers and their municipalities hostage. Our guests, Paul Pecorale, Vice President of NYSUT and Christine Vasilev, President of the Port Washington Teachers Association and an active teacher, give us a lesson about NYSUT’s statewide campaign to maintain education in New York. Pecorale updates us on the ongoing battle over charter schools, and discusses the role of teacher “tenure” in maintaining high quality of teachers, debunking many of the arguments to the contrary.  Christine Vasilev, a Long Island teacher finds her ability to educate students to learn “how to learn” is ever more hindered because of the increased reliance of “multiple choice” tests to measure academic success. Did you know that teachers don’t get to see the results of these so called “standardized tests?” It looks like – pardon us –Cuomo’s meddling is rotten to the “common core.”

Governor Cuomo’s “Reform” is crippling education in NY. on @LaborLines Hear how @NYSUT fights for better education  Tweet this

A Business Model for Progressives and Conservatives

Mike VitoriaSurely you’ve heard the maxim that there is no Republican way or Democratic way to pick up the garbage. Radio shows typically pit a conservative against a liberal encourages them to fight it out until only one person is left standing.  We failed at engaging one of our favorite conservatives in hand to hand combat however. Contrary to conventional wisdom we demonstrate that the two sides have more in common than you might have thought if you only listen to confrontational talk radio. Mike Vitoria is an Investment Advisor and Venture Capitalist.  He and Vic Fusco have very similar backgrounds, but very different socio-economic and political perspectives. Mike hosts a conservative radio talk show called “On the Money,” where he provides financial advice about investments and good business practices. Turns out, he also calls rebukes bad employers when he sees them. Mike argues it’s just bad business for Corporations to pay low wages. He hates the term “minimum wage.” Why should Americans get paid the “minimum,” he asks. How are they going to buy the stuff Corporate American wants to sell them? Vitoria explains why it’s good business for companies to treat their employees as valuable assets rather than expendable commodities.

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