Scott Stringer Advocate for Financial Accountability – A Film Stars Farm Workers

Scott Stringer, the Comptroller in New York City views his position as a bully pulpit to advocate real change in New York City and as a forceful place from which to effectuate such change. Then, learn dirty truth about where your food comes from. Sanjay Rawal, the director of Food Chains, discusses how the film documents farm worker organizing efforts in Florida, overcoming “right to work” attitudes to create better working conditions.

Scott Stringer Advocates for Financial Accountability in NYC

Scott Stringer, NYC ComptrollerFrom Wall Street to Main Street, Comptroller Scott Stringer is at the forefront of creating financial accountability in New York City. As Comptroller, Stringer has a wide range of responsibilities such as running audits, verifying budgets and acting as the Financial Watchdog in New York City. From the job description this would appear to be a very routine type of job but that’s hardly been the case with Scott Stringer. We discuss his ongoing campaigns to create greater board accountability to shareholders; to ensure that NYC purchasing includes minority and women owned businesses; to investigate City agencies with for compliance with good financial practices, and where lacking, help them achieve it. Stringer notes the Comptroller’s position is unique in that it requires him to work side by side with the mayor while also having to lock horns on occasion. Comptroller Stringer, praises his seven hundred plus member professional staff for conducting detailed audits to root out waste and create greater financial accountability in NYC, a goal both he and the mayor share.

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Food Chains Documenting Farm Worker Organizing

Food Chains documentaryFarm workers have traditionally been treated poorly compared to other occupations. For example, when the NLRB came into existence, they were not covered. Despite several prominent campaigns, they have remained second class workers when it comes to worker protections. Food Chains is a feature documentary that follows the campaign of Florida’s Coalition of Immokalee workers as they challenge convention. Film-maker Sanjay Rawal produced a “Food Chains” a document of the challenges facing farm workers and showing how the Immokalee workers were able to surmount these barriers and wage a successful campaign to raise the prices they were paid for picking tomatoes, by targeting the major produce buyers for national chains . This documentary was chosen as the kickoff film for the Workers Unite Film Festival’s ”Spring Into Action” series.

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