IATSE Local 1 in the Spotlight – Organizing Workers for Worker Justice

From The Lion King to the Rockettes to Billy Joel at the Garden, these shows all have one thing in common:  their stage hands are members of a union. Get to know IATSE local 1. The union’s members move the sets, handle the sound and work the lights and make actors fly above the crowd while keeping performers, the audience and themselves safe in the process. Next we will learn about the “Workers’ Justice Project,” an organization devoted to mobilizing low wage migrant workers for better work conditions, with the assistance of Cornell.

 IATSE-Local 1in the Spotlight

IATSE local 1When you think about New York City you’ll likely envision the excitement of Broadway.   Jim Claffey , the President of IATSE Local 1, discusses the challenges of leading  the nations very first – and largest – theatrical union while continuously negotiating a series of over 75 contracts. He takes great pride in a highly skilled membership that undergoes rigorous training to perform very high caliber technical wizardry, while catering to everything from very big venues like Madison Square Garden to small performances and television productions.   Robert Score, IATSE local 1’s Recording Secretary, discusses worker safety on the Broadway stage and in the theater. We’ll also learn about some of the many charities in which IATSE local 1 is involved and why the union is committed to giving back to the community.

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Organizing for Worker Justice

Worker Justice ProjectToo often we read of an illegally constructed scaffold collapsing on unsuspecting migrant workers, frequently leading to death.  And we’ve all seen pictures of migrant farmworkers crowded into a ramshackle hovel for shelter. While many employers are willing to give jobs to migrant workers, too few are willing to ensure good working conditions. To this end, the Workers’ Justice Project was established, with the goal of organizing migrant workers to pressure for improved working conditions. Maria Figueroa, the Director of Labor and Industry Research at the “Workers’ Institute” (under the umbrella of Cornell ILR), discusses research Cornell is developing in collaboration with the Workers Justice Project to expose the exploitative conditions that many workers are forced to endure.  Ligia Guallpa, the Executive Director of the Workers’ Justice Project, explains how elevating working standards for migrant workers will have the effect of raising working standards for everyone.

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