Reverend William Barber at Stony Brook


Bible Belt Minister, Rev. William Barber, Visits  New York to Raise Holy Hell on Workers Memorial Day.

On April 28th, union members and their allies across the United States celebrated Workers’ Memorial Day. For Long Islanders, this event took an unusual, but refreshing and enlightening turn.  Reverend William Barber, a pastor who heads up the North Carolina NAACP, is also the founder of the Moral Monday movement which has gained great momentum in the Deep South, graced an auditorium at Stony Brook University to give an address infused with righteous indignation, passion and humor. Moral Mondays,” a form of peaceful protest against economic disparity, have overtaken the North Carolina State Capital on multiple occasions and spread throughout the South.  A fiery and persuasive orator, Barber argues that labor rights equate with civil rights and civil rights equate with human rights which are granted by God. He maintains the struggles of unions, people of color, immigrants, low wage workers and LGBTQ communities are part of the civil rights movement.  Barber convincingly quotes chapters and verses from the Holy Scriptures to support of his thesis. He cautions progressives to not abandon the Bible merely because those with whom they disagree also quote scriptures.  Rather, he calls us all, conservatives and liberals, to embrace our Judeo –Christian tradition as Americans and achieve “higher ground” in our social, economic and political dealings.  Lest we forget, he reminds a at length of the teachings and examples of Dr. Martin Luther King, and how they apply to modern day challenges, and that King’s vision is hard to achieve, but never-the-less achievable in our lifetime. (We broadcast the entire speech with some minor edits to conform to air-time constraints.)