One Labor Broadcaster to Another-“Economics for the Rest of Us”

On this episode of Labor Lines you will encounter two advocates who are attempting to refocus our nation’s economic debate around people.

Rick Smith, a former union truck driver, is the host of the Central Pennsylvania labor radio program “The Rick Smith Show.” We will discuss what propelled him to start a labor focused radio program, (which was exactly which motivated us to do the same): well-meaning Americans who buy into the Fox News anti-labor dogma, without realizing how unions made it possible for them to enjoy the benefits of  their own American dream.

Economist Moshe Adler has a knack for breaking down economic principles so we can all understand them. In fact, his book is entitled: ”Economics for the Rest of Us!” Professor Adler, who teaches at Columbia as well as the Harry Van Arsdale School, explains that we tend to internalize our sense of self-worth based on the U.S. class system and which impedes us from transcending the very same class system that tends to hold back so many of us  “in our places.”  That dynamic has a terribly detrimental effect on growing opportunities for younger and older Americans alike, and puts the American dream out of the reach of many.