From TPP to Baltimore-Pay Paralysis on LI

Trade Deals and the Social Fabric of the U.S.

Investigative journalist Bob Hennelly who is noted for his illustrious tenure at WNYC but whose writing has also appeared in the country’s most well regarded publications discusses his piece for Salon, “America’s Elites are Leaving it to Die: TPP, Baltimore, Amtrak and the Deteriorating Fabric of a Nation.” He connects how the nation’s legislators’ preoccupation with the GDP is leaving both infrastructure and the country’s more vulnerable communities out to dry.  It is a matter of national priorities but the link is more direct than that.  The outsourcing of work deeply harms our society, both in terms of the strength of our communities and our resources.

Pay Paralysis Continues on Long Island

Dr. Gregory De Freitas is a professor of economics, director of the Labor Studies program and director of the Center for Study of Labor and Democracy. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Regional Labor Review, whose latest edition was recently released.  He discusses the findings of a study he authored that is published in the summer publication titled “Pay Paralysis Persists on Long Island.”  He painstakingly lays out the many groups (age, ethnicity, gender) that make up the region’s workforce and examines how they have been faring since the great recession: for the most part, not well, but some of his answers might surprise you.