CWA Takes on Fair Internet-The Fight for Farm Worker Rights

CWA Local 1108 Calls Verizon Out

 CWA Union Locals across the state are now calling out Verizon for only making certain Fiber Optic Services, a/k/a Fios to certain parts of Long Island-and upstate –  comparatively wealthy ones.  The union is going to bat for Long Islanders.  Mike Gendron, executive Vice President of CWA Local 1108 discusses how all offices and families should have the right to the same high quality internet and and cable service. After all, Verizon did get millions of dollars in breaks based upon their promise to do exactly that. Only now they don’t want to.  He also talks about the danger of Cablevision and Time Warner monopolizing the delivery of bundled cable, internet and telephone services. The object of the tax breaks was to bring in competition to lower prices for businesses and consumers. Your tax dollars at work?
Call your state Senator and complain. Call Majority Leader Flanagan’s office too.

IMG_0007The Fight for Long Overdue Farm Worker Rights

With workers across the country demanding an increase in minimum wages, it might be surreal to realize that a large group of workers are legally working under the minimum wage and without the basic employment benefits that most American workers take for granted.  Many farmworkers put in much more than an eight hour workday. In fact, they’re not even legally guaranteed 24 hours of rest a week. This is a problem, not just in New York, but throughout the nation.  New York State and Long Island boast a large agriculture industry. There are thousands of workers suffering legally authorized abuse. However activists and legislators are fighting to rectify this injustice.  Nathan Berger, the Long Island Accompaniment Coordinator of the Rural and Migrant Ministry and works on their Justice for Farmworkers Campaign. Berger discusses the work he and his group have been doing to support the organizing efforts of farmworkers in NY.  The Farmworkers Bill of Rights or Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (S. 1291 and A. 4762) was recently passed by the Assembly. Activists are currently working to get it passed in the Senate.  It would rectify the discriminatory exclusions made for the agriculture industry in the original Fair Labor Standards Act.  Let’s hope that the momentum for workers rights helps get these bills passed this time around.