Legislator Gregory Prepares to Take on the Washington Establishment

DuWayne Gregory is gunning for Peter King’s seat = David vs. Goliath. He’s ready for the challenge!

The Suffolk County Legislature’s Presiding Officer, DuWayne Gregory knows he’ll be taking on an iconic, well entrenched, popular Member of Congress. Gregory had considered a run for the State Assembly, but looking at all the dysfunction in Congress, he thought he could make more of a difference in Washington. His words: “you can’t be a Member of Congress for twenty three years, and say you’re part of the solution.” Legislator Gregory insists he’s actually comfortable in the role of underdog and remains undaunted. He comes from a working class union family and is no stranger to struggle, something he carries with him when advocating for the economically stratified Suffolk communities. With respect to trade bills, he argues the priority needs to be with protecting American jobs while finding a way to harness the benefits of trade with our neighbors..Gregory, with five years of active Army duty, is the son of a WWII Vet and the father of a soldier as well. He discusses the  benefits of his military service and his family’s dedication to service as the formative factors influencing influencing his personal character and the values he carries with him in legislating. As we mark the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid, Gregory affirms his goal in defending the programs as well as Social Security. One can’t help but be impressed with Legislator Gregory’s calm and friendly demeanor and willingness to answer any question put to him without evasiveness. Besides, the composition of the Second Congressional District, in part due to redistricting, in part due to demographic changes, is starting to lean Democratic, a factor that has not gone unnoticed. Get to know this up and coming energetic public official in our full hour interview of DuWayne Gregory.