Renew Zadroga Act!- CSEA 830

John Feal, founder and President of The FealGood Foundation discusses how we are failing 9/11 first responders suffering from illness and injury as a result of their contribution and his efforts and lobbying to have the Zadroga Act permanently extended.

We are reminded regularly that people are still suffering health problems, disabilities and life threatening illness as a result of 9/11, yet The Zadroga Act, the bill that enforces funding has not been renewed. Feal has led the charge on getting compensation for victims of 9/11 and has been forced to relive the tragedy for 14 years because not enough is being done.  This time, he is being joined by none other than Jon Stewart to appeal to Congress.

Call your representative and sign his petition here, telling Washington that the Zadroga Act must be permanently renewed.

Jerry Laricchiuta, President of CSEA Local 830 discusses the union’s current battles and initiatives.