A Message From Vic Fusco on the Passing of Tim Lynch

I am extremely shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of a very dear friend, a great labor leader, Local 1205 President Timothy Lynch.  I met Tim and his wife on a picket line about 15 years ago, and we developed a fast friendship. While a decent man with a generous soul, Tim was also one of the toughest labor leaders you’d ever want to meet – and never want to cross swords with! He successfully led a number of significant organizing drives of school bus drivers and lumber yard workers, obtaining ever improving working conditions, despite difficult employers. Tim was also a singer with a beautiful Irish Tenor, and before becoming a labor leader had worked as an actor as well as a bartender. He was a student of philosophy and active in the Aesthethic Realism movement. He opened a number of doors for me and for my law firm, and was a frequent guest on my radio program Labor Lines over the years.  He was devoted to his wife, Ellen Reiss and they shared each other’s views on progressive causes, the labor movement and Aesthetic Realism. I can’t believe he is gone.